What to bring to Weft or Wig-manufacturing class
AA. Human Hair
Total of Human Hair to bring to Weft Class
5 Kgs
In case of Remy hair, hair should be 100% ( real) Remy hair - at least washed & cleaned.

Bleached Remy hair, Dyed Remy hair can be included.

In case of Non Remy hair, hair should be processed and tangle-removal treated.

Bleached Non Remy hair, Dyed Non Remy hair can be included.

1) Long ( 18 or 20 inches or longer)
about 3 Kgs
2) Short (12 inches or 14 inches)
about 2 Kgs
3) Any kinds / quality of hair if you want to try to make wefts with

All of your Human Hair ( YOUR GOLD ) brought to class will be wefted (weaved) by you on the 3rd, 4th class day, and you will take it home to sell or use for making hairpieces/wigs.

We do not have your Human Hair wasted by you as well as us during the class.
( At the beginning of your practice, for 2 days we use our Synthetic fiber custom made to be similar to Human Hair, and then, our short Human Hair.
On the 3rd weft class day, you and we together make wefts with your valuable Human Hair, short hair at first, and long hair.

BB. Camera, Cam-corder, Laptop Computer

You can bring your Camcorder, Lap top, etc for your personal use or picturing your class.
Meanwhile, please be informed that we have good & fine system for picturing and videotaping for you and the class.

So, you do not need to bring (buy) any camera or camcorder (newly) for your class, but for personal use.

We have more than 3,000 training videos videotaped for each of past trainees since 1993.

When you finish training for wefting, we will give you, each trainee about 150 already selected & edited videos of about 15 GB (more than 3 hours of running time).

Meanwhile, We, John Yim will video-tape you and your training for 3 or more hours each training day after 2 days of Wefting-training believing videos you are starring in sure help you recollect what you learned/heard/touched/felt/sew/smelled/practiced tomorrow or next year.

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